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Bad Gladiator

Oct 7, 2019

In this episode, Atticus faces off against the slick beefy piece from the foreign land of Greece: Adonis! If you think there are going to be Greek jokes, you're right. But maybe not THOSE ones. Join us!

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Thank you to our cast: Rob Lawhon, Leanna Adams, Lauren Schmuck, Jaymi Curley, and Jim Hodgson.

This episode was written by Matt Newcomb and produced and directed by Jim Hodgson.

Bad Gladiator was recorded at Brickyard Recording Studio and engineered by Jason Chapman.

Sound design and effects were by Jim Hodgson.

Thanks again for listening.

Music in this episode included “Sneaky Snitch,”
by Kevin MacLeod ( )
Licence: CC BY ( )

Pirate Ship at Bay.wav by CGEffex --  -- License: Attribution

Thanks again for listening!